Beep Leaders Page

 Leaders  Daily Check List

  • Make sure your finances are in order (it can take up to 90 days to get paid)
  • Study & learn every video at least 2 times, then once per month(8 main videos & 3 sales videos)
  • Be familiar with how to get stores started
  • Change your rank every 30 days
  • Get on the beep 90 day plan
  • Get 10 stores working (ask…do you take a beep card here?)
  • Get a demo tablet
  • Get at least 250 beep cards
  • Order the affiliate payment program
  • Keep sending people to the daily webinars at 2:30 & 3:30 EST –  http://beepxtrawebinar.com/
  • Constantly invite new customers and affiliates (at least 3 per day)
  • Get prospects on a 3-way call with another team member when needed to explain to affiliate or merchant prospects
  • Encourage your team to join in on our morning or evening calls.
    • Morning calls Mon & Wed 8:00am & Sat 9:00am, Evening calls Tues& Thurs 8:00pm
      • 605-562-3000  PIN: 523199#

Maximize your Income

  • Learn the Career Plan in back office – Sales Media – Video 3
  • Position yourself between Beep & 5 good stores or people
  • Remember that 1 store = Income of an average of $300+ per month (the higher your rank, the more you make)
  • Two Lists (Quick List & Working List)
  • Best 4 Categories
    • Professional Sales People
    • Ambitious People
    • People with lots of connections
    • Local Person who knows all of the local business owners

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